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Kerensa Aval

We are a group of Cornish apple growers based in South-East Cornwall (in the old Cornish East Wivelshire Hundred), in the beautiful Tamar and Lynher valleys. John and Mandy Henn are at Smallacombe at Carkeel; Tony & Frankie Lister farm at Cuttivett, on the Lynher; Chris & Elaine Nicholls have orchards at Hodges, Botus Fleming.

We all grow traditional Cornish varieties to produce a range of high quality juices. The orchards are grazed with sheep, hens or Dexter cows.

Video made by Dave Young of Pod Films

Producing Apple Juice
The apples are hand picked when ripe and, where possible and palatable, pressed in single varieties to produce a range of juices from the very sweet to bitingly dry. We operate a no spray policy; our apples have nothing added; the juice is bottled and heat pasteurised. Thatís it! Pure apple juice.

Apple varieties we grow include Benís Red: Bottle Stopper, Cornish Aromatic, Cornish Gillyflower, Cornish Longstem, Cornish Mother, Cornish Pine and Hockings Green.

Kerensa Aval means "Apple Friendship" in Cornish

Contact Kerensa Aval by email at frankie@applevalley.co.uk